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Blogging By the Sea
Saturday, December 19 2015


When this month’s Blog Hop topic arrived (During the sometimes hectic holidays do you find it hard to find writing time?) I had just finished a list of the all the things that needed doing in the scant three weeks between my return from Thanksgiving in New England and my departure for Christmas in Maryland. It was a very long list. A daunting list. And my WIP was NOT on it. I guess that’s part of the answer.

Prior to an author’s first contract, it’s easy to take time off – there are no deadlines to meet, but once you have a publisher and an editor who’s waiting on your next submission, then making time for your writing is just as important as your day job. The holidays just make it more challenging.

Last year I had a December 1st deadline, which I, thankfully, met. This year I didn’t, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a project in process. I finished the first major revision of Healing a Hero, book four in my Tide’s Way series and sent it off to my beta readers in November, and I play to start my final revision on January 1st.  But that doesn’t mean I have nothing that needs doing right now. Two December book signings and two writers meetings don’t count toward writing time, but they add to the list on my clipboard. Neither do the promotional things I’m working on or the facebook parties I’ve promised to attend, but they take time, too. But I did have a writing project and had to make time for it amidst the sewing and shopping and wrapping and writing out Christmas cards. As a gift to my readers, those who follow my blog and receive my newsletter, I wrote a short story SAVING JUST ONE. That went out in my newsletter two days ago and a link to it will appear at the end of this blog.


So the answer is, YES – it is difficult to find the time sandwiched into all the rest of the holiday chores, the parties and family gatherings to write. But one thing about most writers is that writing is part of who they are and being away from it leaves one feeling like something important is missing in their lives. The writing moments might be fewer, or more hectic, or happening at odd times like 1:00 am, but they happen. Our characters talk to us all the time, even while we’re baking cookies and wrapping gifts and sometimes you just have to stop for a minute and catch what they’re telling you before you forget each perfect line or idea.

So, of course, I grabbed my pen and added writing to that clipboard list. As a dedicated listmaker who gains great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment from checking things off a list, my writing deserved a place. And I did check it off when that short story came together.

Happy writing to all my author friends, happy reading to all those who appreciate our efforts and a Merry Christmas to you all.


SAVING JUST ONE – my Christmas gift to you.

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