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Blogging By the Sea
Sunday, May 29 2011

I went to the St Augustine Air show today. What a great combination of old fashioned barnstorming and 21st century jets. I loved every minute. It began with the national anthem sung by a local young woman who did a far better job than anyone's done at the Super Bowl in recent years. While she sang and the assembled crowd stood, the Misty Blues (a 4 woman skydiving team) jumped from an airplane and arrived on the ground with the American Flag. While the woman with the flag was descending a little stunt plane flew loops around her. Very impressive!

There were bi-planes, both old and new, lots of great stunts and an exciting new five member team of jets, one solo and four who flew in formation. The jet propelled truck everyone seems to think so highly of, although I have to admit, it wasn't in the air and didn't much interest me, was there as well as a Hollywood creation called Robosaurus that woke up and crunched a car for breakfast. That didn't much impress me either but the kids loved it. It was twice as big as the T-rex was once upon a time.

The show ended with a heritage flight of two planes, one a prop plane  (P-51) and one a jet (F-16) who flew together and solo. All in all, a really great air show.
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