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Blogging By the Sea
Tuesday, June 03 2014
Putting the baby to bed...

I put my baby to bed tonight. I’ve lived with this book far longer than any other book I’ve ever written, and there were times I wondered if I’d ever get to the end. Times when I wondered if I even wanted to. But all those months living with Ben and Meg Cameron and they feel like a part of my life. It will be strange to get up tomorrow morning and not sit down to be with them. If I didn’t have a history trip planned with my granddaughters, I’d probably knock around the house for the next week or so feeling a little lost. But….

Like all children, this one is sure to keep getting up several times before finally calling it quits. As surely as a child wants a drink of water and another hug, there will be edits to tend to. Then, like a child who calls for its parent to come scare away the monsters living under the bed, my editor is sure to find things that need fixing, or even holes big enough to drive a semi through. And the water and the monsters will have to be dealt with. But it won’t be the same. Never again will I be on the same roller coaster ride with Ben and Meg: wondering, hoping, getting anxious, crying or praying for a happy ending.

There are a number of bright spots though to this ending. One will be seeing my new cover for the first time – that’s always exciting, especially considering the brilliant covers this lady designs. Another will be actually holding the book in my hands and seeing it pop up on Amazon. Royalty checks will be nice too, but the brightest spot of all is that this is a series, and it’s one I am thoroughly enjoying. My editor suggested I try writing short stories connected to Tide’s Way and that’s been fun too – creating new characters to people my town, each with fun little stories of their own.

Be sure to check back here now and then, and I’ll keep you posted on the progress of LOVING MEG and the release dates for this book and the short stories. In the mean time, I’m headed back to Tide’s Way to meet the lady that will be the heroine in my new book, the one about Will, who is Ben’s twin brother. Or maybe it will the other brother, Philip, the oldest in the family. Both have a story to tell, and I am as eager as anyone to find out how they are going to end now that Jake and Ben have found their happy ever afters.

So, for tonight – sleep tight and don’t let the monsters get you – or better yet, make friends with them – you just never know what kind of an adventure that might turn out to be!

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